"I would not be the person I am today if it had not been for this very special relationship and the trust and support of Dawn."

"The person who came to you for support walked away with head held high, a spring in my step and renewed energy to invest in my work."

"The opportunity to talk to someone uninvolved about your life, family, stresses is good for everyone, not just people diagnosed with depression and anxiety."

"Dawn helped me to identiy the reasons I felt the way I did about myself and, over time provided me with the tools I needed to address my most negatives thoughts head on."

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Some of the issues I can assist with include the following:

Anxiety Depression Relationships
Loss and Grief Stress Trauma
Self Esteem Confidence Managing Conflict
Problem Solving Life Transitions Career Planning
Disability/Illness Ageing Work/Life Balance


Personal Counselling                                                                                                                          

This commonly focuses on specific issues or goals which can be addressed within approx. 6 - 12 sessions and includes a wide range of personal or work related issues.  Personal psychological factors will be addressed by identifying unhelpful thoughts and behaviours and the emphasis will be on learning and practising skills to apply in your daily life to bring about the change you want.   You will be supported and encouraged by me throughout the process as you learn how to manage your emotions and address the barriers which are holding you back from enjoyment of life.  Work related problems may include conflict with supervisors or colleagues, performance management, difficulties with work/life balance, stress management and dealing with organisational change or restructure.  I use a variety of techniques which are tailored to meet your specific situation and needs, and monitor your progress to ensure that I am a good fit for you and that my approach is relevant to your goals. 



Psychotherapy is designed for people who have a wider range of issues they wish to address.   Some people struggle for many years as a result of past trauma which interferes with their ability to enter into trusting relationships or achieve the quality of life they want.  These more complex and longstanding issues usually require more intensive work over a longer period.  Most clients would attend sessions regularly, initially weekly, then maybe fortnightly or monthly.  The relationship between the client and the therapist is the most important element in bringing about significant change over time.


Career Counselling 

As an experienced Career Counsellor and member of the Career Development Association of Australia,  I provide career counselling for people who are entering or re-entering the workforce after redundancy or interruption to employment due to injury, illness or parenting responsibilities.  Career planning is important whether you are a young person seeking your first job or a more experienced worker who needs assistance to think about their long term future.

Career Coaching for employees who feel stuck in their jobs and want to make a change or are seeking advancement in their current employment.

Examples of my assistance would include:

.  Help with identifying your skills - the ones you love using and which ones are your strongest

.  Exploring your paid and unpaid work experience

.  Identifying your career direction by exploring your personality type, your values and  the options available to you

 .  Providing you with information about the labour market and future trends

.   Assisting you to overcome real or perceived barriers to success

.   Resume/CV preparation, job applications and developing job search skills

.   Support with job search and practising interview skills

Sometimes vocational testing may be advisable to assist you to identify your aptitudes and your areas of strength.  I am trained in administering the Morrisby Assessment and the Strong Vocational Inventory so if you are interested in accessing these tools, we can incorporate one of these into your career sessions.

Some clients may require only a few sessions to focus on one or two aspects of their career journey, whilst others may wish me to work with them throughout the whole process from identifying the career direction right up to securing their chosen position.   It is entirely up to you how much assistance you require.  It is also possible to have a few sessions and then go off to test out some of your options and return to me when you are ready to proceed with the next stage of your career journey.  


Retirement Planning

Assistance for people who are contemplating retirement.  After spending such a major part of their life working, it is not easy for many people to make the adjustment to not being employed.  It is important to plan for this next stage of life.   I can help with identifying satisfying options and alternatives to full time employment to ensure that the skills and experience people have acquired are used in a variety of ways to benefit them and their community.  The practical and psychological aspects of retirement can be addressed.

Couples Counselling

We all want to be loved and find someone special in our lives.  However, healthy, happy relationships can be difficult to find and even harder to keep without some care and attention.  With busy lives and balancing competing work and parenting/carer responsiblities couples can sometimes find themselves losing some of their early connection and stop making their relationship a priority.  Couples are assisted by me to identify the changes and improvements they want in their relationship and work through the areas of difficulty.  Over the period of a relationship, people can find themselves challenged with changes in their own needs or those of their partner.  Being able to look at these changes as healthy and normal allows couples to avoid growing apart.   Relationship counselling will generally include a focus on increasing self awareness and developing better communication skills to enhance the quality of the relationship based on mutual trust and respect.   My approach to couples counselling is informed by the work of John and Julie Gottman, Sue Johnson, Ellen Bader and Pete Pearson, Elliott Connie, Terence Real and Esther Perel.


Groups for Women

From time to time I offer groups for women who are struggling with issues which leave them feeling stressed and overwhelmed.   In a supportive group environment women are assisted to identify their strengths and develop skills to enable them to achieve greater satisfaction and balance in their lives.


Professional Supervision

I offer individual and group supervision to social workers to assist them to reflect on their practice, develop skills and care for themselves as they care for others. 

I also mentor and coach private practititioners in the career development field.


Theroretical Framework and Counselling Methods Used by Me:

In my work I draw on a range of theories and counselling techniques which are chosen to meet your specific situation and needs. These may include :

  • Narrative approaches
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Interpersonal Therapy
  • Psychodynamic approaches
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Relaxation strategies
  • Brain science


What to expect when you come for personal or career counselling 

I will listen carefully as you tell me what brings you to counselling and what changes you wish to make in your life.

I may ask you to complete some assessments relating to your mood and stress level or your work skills to assist me to identify your needs.

We would then agree on the goals and the most appropriate approach for you and discuss the frequency and number of sessions you may require.

At each session we will review your progress and I will seek your feedback on how well my approach is meeting your needs. This enables me to adapt my approach if necessary and ensure the sessions are relevant and effective.

My aim is to gain your trust and engage and support you in the counselling process so that together we can reach a point where you feel you have achieved what you want in your life or work, or have the ability to pursue this independently.


My fees are very reasonable and below the recommended fee of the Australian Association of Social Workers.                  


Note.  A limited number of places are made available to low income earners at discounted rates.  Please call me to discuss availability.                                

Medicare Rebates

My personal counselling services attract a medicare rebate for clients who are referred under a Mental Health Care Plan. Please speak to your GP about your eligibility or contact me on 0438 8553238.                                             

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